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Shelly Plus Plug US User and Safety Guide

Shelly Plus Plug US with a plugged-in coffee maker

Read before use

This document contains important technical and safety information about the device, its safety use and installation.

⚠ ATTENTION! Before beginning the installation, please read carefully and entirely this guide and any other documents accompanying the device. Failure to follow the installation procedures could lead to malfunction, danger to your health and life, violation of the law or refusal of legal and/or commercial guarantee (if any). Allterco Robotics EOOD is not responsible for any loss or damage in case of incorrect installation or improper operation of this device due to failure of following the user and safety instructions in this guide.

Introduction to Shelly®

Shelly® is a line of innovative microprocessor-managed devices, which allow remote control of electric circuits through a mobile phone, tablet, PC, or home automation system. Shelly® devices can work standalone in a local Wi-Fi network, or they can be operated through cloud home automation services. Shelly Cloud is a service that can be accessed using either the Android or iOS mobile application, or with any internet browser at

Shelly® devices can be accessed, controlled and monitored remotely from any place where the User has internet connectivity, as long as the devices are connected to a Wi-Fi router and the Internet.

When connected directly to the device's access point, or at the device's IP address on the local Wi-Fi network, the User can access the Shelly® device's embedded Web Interface at The embedded Web Interface can be used to monitor and control the device, as well as adjust its settings.

Shelly® devices can communicate directly with other Wi-Fi devices through HTTP protocol. An API is provided by Allterco Robotics EOOD. For more information, please visit:

Shelly® devices are delivered with factory-installed firmware. If firmware updates are necessary to keep the devices in conformity, including security updates, Allterco Robotics EOOD will provide the updates free of charge through the device embedded Web Interface or Shelly Mobile Application, where the information about the current firmware version is available. The choice to install or not the Device firmware updates is the User’s sole responsibility. Allterco Robotics EOOD shall not be liable for any lack of conformity of the Device caused by failure of the User to install the provided updates in a timely manner.

Short Description

Shelly Plus Plug US (the Device) by Allterco Robotics EOOD is a smart plug suitable for controlling electrical household appliances by measuring their power consumption. It can be plugged into standard IEC Type B sockets and accepts standard IEC Type B plugs.

Learn more about Shelly Plus Plug US and its specifications


⚠CAUTION! The Device is intended for indoor use only!

⚠CAUTION! Protect the Device from dirt and moisture!

⚠CAUTION! Do not use the Device in a damp environment!

⚠CAUTION! Use the Device only with power grid and appliances which comply with all applicable regulations. Short circuit in the power grid or any appliance connected to the Device may damage it.

⚠CAUTION! Do not connect the Device to appliances exceeding the given max load!

⚠CAUTION! Do not plug Devices into each other!

⚠CAUTION! Do not allow children to play with the Power button. Keep the devices for remote control of Shelly (mobile phones, tablets, PCs) away from Children.

Shelly Plus Plug US components

Insert Shelly Plus Plug US into a power socket without an appliance/load connected to it.

The LED (A) will start flashing with a blue light, indicating the Device is in Access Point (AP) mode. You can access the embedded web interface at in the Wi-Fi network, created by the Device (ShellyPlusPlugUS-XXXXXXXXXXXX) and use it to control the Device and change its settings.

You can now plug an appliance into the Device socket (B).

To turn the appliance on, press briefly the Power button (C). The LED will turn red. Press the Power button again to turn the appliance off. The LED will return to its previous status.

Initial Inclusion

If you choose to use the Device with the Shelly Cloud mobile application and Shelly Cloud service, instructions on how to connect the Device to the Cloud and control it through the Shelly App can be found in the Shelly Application Guide.

The Shelly Mobile Application and Shelly Cloud service are not conditions for the Device to function properly. This Device can be used stand-alone or with various other home automation platforms and protocols.

⚠CAUTION! Do not allow children to play with the buttons/switches connected to the Device. Keep the devices for remote control of Shelly (mobile phones, tablets, PCs) away from children!

LED indication

  • Blue flashing quickly: AP Mode

  • Blue flashing slowly: Connected to a Wi-Fi network

  • Blue still: Connected to Shelly Cloud

  • Red still: Power supplied to the plugged appliance

  • Red flashing slowly: Reboot initiated (Power button pressed for 5 sec.)

  • Red flashing quickly: Factory reset initiated (Power button pressed for 10 sec.)

  • Red and Blue flashing alternatively: Firmware update


Press and hold the Power button for 5 seconds to restart the Device.

Press and hold the Power button for 10 seconds to restores the Device factory settings.


⚠CAUTION! Before cleaning the Device power off the connected appliance by pressing the Power button, unplug it and then unplug the device itself. Never clean the device if it is connected to the mains! Use a wet soft cloth to clean the Device.

⚠CAUTION! Do not use aggressive detergents.

⚠CAUTION! Do not immerse the Device or wash it under running water!

Disposal & Recycling

This refers to the waste of electrical and electronic equipment. It is applicable in the US and other countries to collect waste separately.

This symbol on the product or in the accompanying literature indicating that the product should not be disposed of in the daily waste. Shelly Plus Plug US must be recycled to avoid possible damage to the environment or human health from uncontrolled waste disposal and to promote the reuse of materials and resources. It is your responsibility to dispose of the device separately from general household waste it is already unusable.

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